Video Tapes and Photos of Ula

Videos are available in VHS (NTSC OR PAL) format

It has been a long time since the CHP has had any contact with Ula. We suggest that you write to Ula first, and make sure that she is still offering her tapes for sale.

Ursula Y. Matteson
9039 Pemberton St.
Spring Hill, FL 34608

Please make checks or money orders payable to Ursula Y. Matteson. Payment must be in U.S. dollars. All prices include shipping.


ULA IN PASSIVE STRETCHING: Price $135.00 About one and a half hours in length.
The first tape of this type! Ula is stretched to her most extreme positions with the help of her trainer, Dr. Walter Fitzner. These assisted stretches are alternated with some solo exercises in her closest bending. About the tape, Ula writes:
"I have just completed my first tape on passive stretching, which shows how my trainer prepares me for my most extreme bends. I would love to have you see and own it. Like all my other tapes, this tape is made privately, not commercially. This gives a flavor of intimacy and naturality, and this tape shows the harder side of a contortionist's training".

ULA IN HER FABULOUS SPLITS: Price $110.00 About one hour in length.
Here, Ula displays her amazing array of front, side, and back splits in all variations, including the world's only 270 degree super back split. Includes passive split stretching by her trainer. Absolutely incredible.

ULA IN HER FABULOUS ORLANDO: Price $85.00 Over one half hour in length.
This tape features excerpts from Ula's performance in Tokyo, Japan on the Nippon TV show, "Super People of the World". This includes a short performance, and a scene where Ula suprises unsuspecting travellers by jumping out of their suitcases! This is followed by a video made during Ula's preparation for a performance at the Omni International Hotel in Orlando, Florida. She does mostly exercises in close backbending and oversplits, along with some passive stretching and front bending.

WARMUP AND ROUTINE: Price $75.00 About one hour in length.
This tape shows in a short and concise form every exercise Ula does in her daily practice from the very beginning up to the closest bending. This is followed by her routine she does preparing for a performance. Recommended for coaches of very advanced students.


PHOTO SETS 5, 6, 7, AND 8: Price $40.00 each, or $145.00 for all four.
Each set consists of 15 photos of 4"x6" size. They are prints from Ula's original negatives. Amazing contortion achievements. Many poses are hard to believe.

PASSIVE TRAINING PHOTOS SETS 1 AND 2: Price $45.00 for PA-1, and $45.00 for PA-2.
Ula is shown stretched to the max by her trainer. Incredible contortion positions, beautiful photos. A must for the collector. Each set consists of 15 photos of 4"x6" size. Order set by number, please.

Disclaimer: The authors of this page are not offering these videos or photos and make no guarantees as to their content and quality. We are providing this information as a service to contortion fans.

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