The Incomparable Ula

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Ursula Matteson, known simply as "Ula" throughout the contortion community, bills herself as "The World's Most Flexible Woman". She could very well be correct. Well known for her unbelievable 270 degree splits and amazing backbends, she makes her living as a professional contortionist.

Ula is originally from Poland, but now resides in Spring Hill, Florida. About her training, she writes:

"Contortion is my entire life, and I work a minimum of four hours every day working my body with an iron discipline so that I can go even beyond my present extreme range of flexibility."

And it shows. A former student of Jan Ruttowski, she now trains in her home with Dr. Walter Fitzner. Ula has made countless public apperances, and has even appeared on national television in Japan. She has also been featured in numerous newspaper articles. Check out her photos below and see for yourself why she her reputation preceeds her.

For those who would like to see Ula in motion, she has videos and photos that you can buy. Check it out, and see Ula's performances and training methods.

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