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CHP Contortion Instruction and History
Wikipedia Encyclopedia entry for "Contortion"

ICC - The International Contortion Convention
ShowSternchen Galaxy - By Gerd Rasquin, expert trainer of many generations of top-notch contortionists
Showbiz Artist Management - Ska is the world's best agent for contortionists.  She continues to  create amazingly beautiful contortion acts.  She has also organized every ICC, and been the artistic director of ICC performances worldwide.
Ralph Samuels Archive
Possi's Contortion Site - links site
Yahoo Contortion Links
Picturama - Photo sharing system - A pay site for photos based in Germany - A pay site for videos based in Germany
Crystal Lizard Studio - A pay site for photos based in Russia
Crystal Lizard Video - A pay site for videos based in Russia - A pay site for photos and videos based in Germany - A pay site for photos and videos based in China - A pay site for photos and videos - A pay site for photos and videos based in the USA.
The Double Jointed Page - Excellent medical information and photos.
Limbermen - Largest collection of male contortion photos
Ska's Yahoo Group
Les Dames Flexibles - A collection of female contortion photos
Flexichat - Contortion chat room
Pina Conti
FAQ: Contortion in Motion Pictures, Music Video, and Television
The Souplesse Lover
Cirque du Soleil Contortionists
Bassman's Flexible Flix Web Site - Excellent video captures
The LimberLand Link: By Kalaus - With new chat rooms!
Elainilee's Contortion Images 
webMEDIA Wonders
Flexibeauty Place - By expert trainer, David Fox
Ed Geneer's House of Flexibility - Including how to build a barre!
Contortionists in Australia
Jonathan Nosan - Professional American Male Contortionist
Lars Howe - Professional German Male Contortionist
Mike's Flexible People
Joebody's Flying Splits Dance Page
Ensemble Tunga
A Chinese contortionist page 
MrSpooky99's Wonderworld
Manfred's Images
Stephanie Abrams - from the San Francisco School of Circus Arts
JP's Contortion Site
The Amazing Cristina
Eve's Contortion CD Page
Jennifer Russell - The Snake
Marc Sommers Flexible People
Ear's Contortion Page
Ow! That Hurts!
Englishmann's Contortion Site
Bernd's Contortion Web Page - Photos of Phil Lancaster's students
Jockes Elastic Homepage
SPAGAT Contortion Magazine
Marek's Contortion World
Flex City Videocaptures
Mark Miller's Yoga and Stretching Page - Male Amateur Contortionist
The Splits Home Page
The - One contortionist photo
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Stretching Theory and Training

The Double Jointed Page by Phil Lancaster - Excellent medical information and photos
Stretching and Flexibility FAQ - by Brad Appleton
HFE Stretching Links
CNN Article about the Cirque du Soleil and Math/Physics
The Pilates Studio - Official site
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Circus and Acrobatics

CircusWeb - A Very comprehensive guide to the circus
Guide to Circuses
Pasadena Online's Kids Circus Links
San Francisco School of Circus Arts - Learn to be a contortionist!
FSU Flying High Circus
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Pretzel Yoga Pictures (by Photovault)
Yoga Journal - A magazine for yoga
Sivananda Yoga - Exercise theory, and pictures of poses
Bryan Kest's Power Yoga - Excellent videos, and classes in Santa Monica
American Yoga Association
The Yoga Solution - with Marti Foster
Iyengar Yoga
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Rhythmic Sportive Gymnastics
Rhythmflex Rhythmic Gymnastics - A top US team in Rockville, MD
LOTS of Gymnastics links
USA Gymnastics Online - The Official Site for the US Gymnastics
RSG Fan - Japanese photo page
Barny's RSG Photo Page
D.A.M.E. - RSG Supplies and great equipment tips!
Simon's Gymnastics Photo Vision
Eckhard's GYMmedia
Patrick Tower's Images
Lavinia Milosovici Fan Page
Amina Zaripova Fan Page
Kinetic Imagery Productions - 3D Gymnastics Animations
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ABT Multimedia Ballet Dictionary - A great ballet newsletter and discussion board
Blue Diamond - The best information site for adult dance students
Ballet-Modern FAQ - plus a Ballet Dictionary and Dancewear FAQ
Dance Spirit Magazine - A great dance magazine Dance Links - LOTS of links
Ballet Web - A great site!
Ballet is Fun DVD and CD-ROM - An excellent resource for learning ballet
Joebody's Flying Splits Dance Page
Ballet Foot Stretch - A simple and very effective device to improve your feet
DAME Rhythmic Gymnastics Supplies
Russian Classical Ballet
Moscow Flying Ballet - Ballet on the top of an airplane!
Rasta Thomas - An incredible young male dancer
Les Ballets Trockadero de Monte Carlo - Men dancing women's roles
American Ballet Theatre
Victoria Morgan's Ballet CD-ROM - For advanced dancers and patrons
Discount Dance Supply - Online Dancewear Site
Star Styled Dancewear
Dance Teacher Now - A dance magazine for teachers
English National Ballet
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Guide to Exercise Videos
Fitness America Pagent
Silverado Cheerleading - some nice stunt pictures
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