Shadow is an internationally featured aerialist, contortionist, and dancer. We here at the CHP admire her, because she is living proof that it is possible to learn ANY feat of acrobatics as an adult. She has reached the professional level in many artistic endeavors without starting her training in early childhood. She should be an inspiration to all adult beginners, but know that she surely had some untapped natural ability!

Shadow was born in Newport, Rhode Island ... but raised in Cape Town, Africa. At the age of 15, she returned to the USA. She began musical theatre and dance training at age 17. Then, at only age 20, she became a professional dancer with the Tennessee Ballet as soloist.

At age 25, Shadow began a musical theatre career at with the Gilbert & Sullivan Opera Company in Chicago, Illinois. Then, she became a Chicago Blitz cheerleader - age 26. She was 4th Runner-Up Miss Chicago at age 27, and then immediately joined the Ringling Bros/Barnum & Bailey Circus (where she trained in trapeze until age 29). That was the first time she ever saw a circus, or a trapeze, and experienced the beauty of contortion.

Shadow watched the performance of the featured contortionist and taught herself a few contortion positions ... mainly to enhance her dancing. Upon moving to Los Angeles, California (where she acted and performed in several movie & TV productions), Shadow continued in musical theatre and magic shows (working with Dirk Arthur and Pamela Klekovic). Then, she joined the Fern Street Circus in California, performing single trapeze and contortion.

Shadow joined the UniverSoul Circus, performing duo trapeze with Pa-Mela Hernandez. She then became a member of "Masquerade", a cirque-style circus stage production in Atami City, Japan (performing duo-trapeze and relief-contortionist). Returning once again to the USA in 1998, Shadow performs "spot-dates", photo sessions, and "meet and greets" in California, and throughout the USA.

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