Meet Rose Zone. Rose is a modern contortionist known for her artistic poses and elaborate costumes. She is an active performer, and has gracefully supplied us info and pictures for your enjoyment. For those people who think that all contortion acts look the same, you haven't seen Rose! Her originality certainly sets her apart from what you have come to expect. Blending the arts of theater and contortion, she becomes a whole new character with the change of a costume and her body movements. From soft and sensuous, to agressive and dominating, to simply a work of art ... Rose can be anything. Limited by neither her body nor her imagination, she is redefining "the art of performance". And if that weren't enough, she is also quite a talented singer! She makes the type of music that she most enjoys performing her contortion act to - Techno. Her first Techno CD ("French Kiss", "Divamania") were fairly successful, and now she is working on recording her first self-written and self-performed song together with the German singer, Inga Humpe.

Rose was born in Manchester during 1968. When she grew old enough to go to school, her parents sent her to a girl's boarding school. They wanted her to learn the things she would need to know to be a housewife. After finishing school, she dyed her brown hair red, changed into a leather outfit, and travelled across France and Greece for 6 months. After returning to the UK, she worked at an agency which specialized in birthday parties. Her boss recognized her talent, and sent her to a woman in Cambridge who trained contortionists professionally. So, with no prior experience in dance or gymnastics, she started training at the age of 18! Later, she joined a circus and travelled throughout the UK. However, her big break came when she won the "Prix de la Coeur" at the Paris festival "Cirque de Demain". Now, she travels from show to show, and can afford to rent an appartment in Berlin, Germany. During the last years, she has worked as a contortionist, DJ, model, and actress. Her singing career is her most recent venture. She wants to work as a contortionist until she gets old, and she plans to do more acting in the future. Who's her favorite actress? Rose says, "Sharon Stone. She is so cool!"

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