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The CHP is sad to report that Ruby Ring, one of the most talented American contortionists of all time, has passed away at the age of 81.  We will all miss her, but her memory will live on here at the CHP.  We have published her obituary here, and we invite you to read it and discover how wonderful she was as a person.

Ruby will always have a place in history among the greatest contortionists.  Ruby completely amazed her audiences with her extreme flexibility and effortless grace.  Years of acrobatic dance and ballet training enabled her to elevate the status of contortion.  She performed in big-time live theatre, along with the likes of Frank Sinatra.  Ruby was ahead of her time in showing audiences the beauty and artistry of contortion, rather than a freak show.

The CHP has dubbed Ruby the "Mother of the Oversplit".  She was famous for an oversplit in which she stood with her legs on two chairs and then slid the chairs apart into an oversplit. She had nothing to hold onto, so balance was especially challenging. The chairs were close together at first (not close to a split), and then she arches backward and pulls into a tight backbend against the rear leg ... grabbing it from overhead. Slowly, she then keeps sliding the chairs apart into a split ... holding the rear leg in a backbend the entire time. When she reaches a full split like this, you think that she couldn't possibly go any further. And then she does. She continues to lower herself into an impressive oversplit ... still fully arching back against her rear leg. There, she holds the position ... using only her two feet on the chairs for balance and support. It is an incredible display of flexibility and body control that should be the envy of many of today's dancers and rhythmic gymnasts.

Also, please check out this story about Ruby Ring in our Literature section.

Pictures of this remarkable performer are shown below, and a free video clip can be found in the CHP Shop. We hope that you will agree with us that she has earned her place in the history of contortion.


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