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Olga is a talented artist who was once featured on our front page. Her oversplits are among the finest we have ever seen. We are told that she is also an outstanding frontbender. Olga V. was a member of the now disbanded Moscow Dance Theatre, and is as talented in motion as she appears in these still photographs. We don't know what she is doing today, but we expect that she still resides somewhere in the former Soviet Union. Unfortunately, like so many companies which attempt to bring the arts to the public, the Moscow Dance Theatre collapsed due to financial reasons. Such a pity, as those who have seen their performances have given nothing but the highest of praise to them for the beauty and emotion that they spoke to their audiences with. We can only hope that the future will bring us a society which is more supportive and appreciative of the arts. Meanwhile, please direct your "Bravo!" to the computer monitor ... Olga is truly as beautiful sight to behold.

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