Bonnie Nebelong

Bonnie Nebelong was born in the late 1920's. She performed in the 40's and possibly the early 50's, mostly in New York and Pennsylvania. She was a regular performer on early talent/variety TV shows, and was known for her routines - ballet type dances with contortion and tumbling. She gave ballet and tumbling classes in her home to the neighborhood moms. During WWII She married Joseph Turner, a banker in Maple Shade, NJ (who later became mayor). After the war she had 3 children - Barbara Joyce, Joseph Jr., and Bonnie Jo. She was one of the last diagnosed cases of polio in the US and spent 1954-55 in an iron lung at Camden Municipal Hospital. She divorced Joe Turner in the late 60's, and later moved to Alabama. We don't know what happened to her after moving to Alabama.

We hope that you enjoy these photos of Bonnie Nebelong, who was an extremely graceful contortionist - one of the best of the 20th Centry.

Black and White JPG Images ...

Handstand Backbend(22k)
Handstand Reverse Planche (Backbend)(25k)
Walkover with no hands(20k)
Walkover with no hands(23k)

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