Other Artists

Black and White JPG Images ...

Unknown Frontbender - Frontbend (49k)
Pepina Arlotti - Standing Backbend(47k)
Anrtela Tong - Standing Split(33k)
Bruni Singer - Leap with foot to head(19k)
Celile Blair - American in side split(41k, high quality)
Chambers - Standing Backbend(19k)
Jacqueline Hurley - Backbend supported on forearms(40k)
Miller - Backbend while surfing(50k)
Miss Ottilia Bobos - Marinelli Bend (teeth supported)(22k)
Papperts - Standing Backbend and Split(55k)
Papperts - Split while held in the air(94k)
Papperts - Split while held in the air(66k)
Slipperettes - from the Joan Slipper School in Cambridge, England(27k)
Slipperettes - Backbend supported on chest(31k)
Slipperettes - Backbend supported on forearms(24k)
Miss Karina - Backbend on a hoop(31k)

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