This page is dedicated to the beautiful art of contortion.

The 2018 International Contortion Convention is Coming Soon!

Uli's RSG

3rd party contortion items can be found on the page!


Welcome to a special place on the net. Here, we shall celebrate those who take their physical abilities to the highest levels. In acrobatics, total control over one's body throughout an extreme range of motion is required for one to master the necessary skills. Also, many sports and activities (such as gymnastics, martial arts, dance, and yoga) are structured such that an excessive limberness of the body can prove to be of extraordinary value.
During your visit, you will be able to tap into a vast amout of resources for contortion enthusiasts. This constantly expanding page can connect you with those directly involved with the art of contortion. In addition, you will be able to learn about the history of contortion, as well as how contortionists are trained! Finally, don't forget to check out our photo library. What you will see is simply breathtaking.





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