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The ICC 2000 was the second worldwide convention held by the International Contortion Connection (ICC), a non-profit organization dedicated to promoting the art of contortion.

At the heart of the ICC is Ska von Schoning ( of Showbiz Artist Management. She was the driving force behind the ICC 2000 convention.

The ICC 2000 convention took place in Las Vegas on September 10th through 12th, 2000. It was the event of a lifetime for contortion fans from all over the globe, who came to celebrate the incredible capabilities of the human body.

The convention included panel discussions with contortionists, contortion trainers, medical professionals, and promoters of the art form.

The convention ended with a spectacular gala event, which included performances from various types of contortionists. The acts ranged from beautiful to shocking, as graceful artistic performers bent alongside of performers who could make a navy seal cringe.

Media coverage included two national TV channels doing documentaries, multiple syndicates and newspaper writers, and webmasters for many contortion sites on the Internet.

It was a time and place for all who enjoy contortion to come together. And, it was a resounding success.

We at the CHP hope you will enjoy these photos from the ICC. We can hardly wait for the next ICC, and hope that our friends from around the globe will continue to further the beautiful art of contortion.

Photos from the Gala Event
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April Tatro - America's celebrity contortionist

Lars Howe - German male contortionist

Jonathan Noshan - American male contortionist

Josephine B. - German act from Showbiz Artist Management

Elena Tsarkova - Russian female contortionist

Daniel Browning Smith - American male contortionist

Trio Ska - German act from Showbiz Artist Management

Imelda Jacobs - South African female contortionist

Jessica de Stefano - American female contortionist

Duo Mongolia (Angelique and Otgo)

Photo Credit: Tige Young
Copyright: Tige Young

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