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scale -- In acrobatics, when the leg is raised high and held with one hand while standing. Typically done to the side. Similar to leg shouldering to the side (See: "leg shouldering"), excpet the leg isn't high enough to touch the shoulder. The position shown is very close to being leg shouldering to the side.

scissors leap (also called: switch leap) -- A split leap (See: "split leap") in which the legs exchange positions while in the air, showing a split with both legs in one jump.

split (also called: the splits) -- Any pose in which the legs are extended in opposite directions such that the angle of the legs is 180 degrees. (See: "front split" and "straddle split")

split leap -- To perform a split in the air while jumping. Typically done with a front split (See: "front split") in the air, but can also be done with a straddle split (See: "straddle split") in the air. The position shown is an oversplit leap (See: "oversplit").
sports acrobatics -- An international sport (likely to soon have Olympic status) featuring tumbling, balances, lifts and pyramids. Athletes may compete in Mixed Pair (male base / female top), Women's Pair, Men's Pair, Women's Trio or Men's Four.

static stretching -- A type of stretching in which a relaxed position is held for a significant period of time (about one minute). Compare to "dynamic stretching".

straddle split (also called: side split; box split; Chinese split; cut split) -- A split in which the legs are extended to the left and right, until a 180 degree angle between the legs is reached. The position shown is a suspended side split (See: "suspended split").

supple -- Flexible; kept in a soft and bendable condition as a result of regular exercise.

suspended split -- A split in which both legs are elevated and the hands are not used for support. (See: "straddle split" for an example)

tortoise position (also called: pancake) -- A seated forward bend with the chest against the floor between the legs; the outstretched arms are also against the floor and underneath the knees.
triple fold -- A chest stand (See: "chest stand") in which the knees come all the way over to touch the floor, and the shins lie flat on the floor.
turnout -- In classical ballet, a rotation of the leg which comes from the hips, causing the knee and foot to turn outward, away from the center of the body. This allows for greater extension (See: "extension") of the leg, especially when raising it to the side and rear.

twisting split -- An exercise in which the performer changes from a split with the left leg forward, to a straddle split, and then to a split with the right leg forward, by rotating the legs, and without using the hands for support.

walkover -- Starting from standing on one foot, go through inverted split and one footed bridge positions to return to stand. Can be done forward and backward. Compare with: "limber".
yoga -- A system of exercises (asanas) which originated in Hindu philosophy and are used for physical exercise, meditation and practice of self-control.


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