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Carol Liabos

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800x600x24-bit JPEG of the above photo, 45k.

Little is known about Carol Liabos, except that she is fantastic at front bending and splits. It is rumored that she has left the stage to pursue another career. She remains one of the finest American frontbenders in history.

Color JPG Images ...

Front Oversplit (55k)
Frontbend - Lying on back (44k)
Kneeling, one leg behind head(39k)
Lying, front split(49k)
Standing, frontbend(29k)
The Ultimate Frontbend(56k)
Sitting, one leg behind head(43k)
Sitting, one leg behind head(41k)
Lying, one leg behind head(43k)
Standing, one leg behind head(56k)
Lying, both legs behind head(50k)
Unbelievable front split(28k, low qual b/w)
Standing frontbend(18k, low qual b/w)
Kneeling backbend(15k, low qual b/w)
Split - Standing(20k)
Split - Lying on back(21k)
Frontbend - Standing(22k)
Frontbend - Lying on back(15k)

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