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Bob Yetter has changed how these videos are offered for sale

from Bob Yetter
US TV Contortion videos (1984-1999)

Available in 3 performance categories:
F - Female performers (No Rhythmic Gymnastics)
R - Rhythmic Gymnastics (only)
M - Male performers (only)

Also available:
3 Specialty videos (extracted from F category)
SF - Selected Frontbending
SB - Selected Backbending
SY - Selected Youthful performers

The F category includes such performers as April Tatro, Kristie Phillips, Indarma, Cirque du Soleil quartet and the Chinese Acrobats of Canton. There are performances from TV shows such as Star Search, the Tonight Show, various talk shows and commercials; plus numerous motion picture presentations.

The R category includes RSG performances (nearly all complete) from events such as the Olympics (1984-1996), the Goodwill Games, Brothers Cup; plus various short training reports and presentations.

The M category includes such performers as Yogi Coudoux, Rudolph Del Monte, Danny Smith, Jeff Brennan, Mauktar, Johnny Bird and Weird Al Yankovich; also various short clips from TV programs and motion pictures. The video is completed with 30 minutes of performances from various other sources.


  1. There are no repetitions or extraneous material.
  2. A detailed Content List will be included with each video purchased.
  3. Those people who purchase all 12 hours of the F category will receive a free annual updating.
  4. Videos available only in NTSC format (not PAL).
  5. All videos recorded at SP speed (unless 6-hour EP mode is requested).
  6. Minimum purchase: 2 hours of material (except for 1 hour SF tape).
  7. All videos sent Priority Mail: 2-3 days (US) / 5-10 days (foreign).
  8. Prices listed are total cost (postage paid/ world-wide).
  9. Method of payment:
    1. Bank or Postal M.O. (no credit cards or c.o.d.s - US$ only).
    2. Secured Cash (Registered Mail).
    3. Personal Check (US residents only).
  10. Bob is willing to consider special request editing.

To avoid any confusion, please contact Bob before sending you order. He'll be glad to answer any questions you may have.

Send orders to:
Bob Yetter
P.O. Box 992
San Jacinto, CA 92581-0992

NOTE FROM THE CHP: These are not professional quality videos. The CHP does not officially endorse this product, nor do we profit from its sale. Our intent is to make all options known to you, and let you decide what is best. We invite you to discuss these videos on our Souplesse discussion board.


*IMPORTANT NOTE to previous purchasers: this is a revised version of the original 4 volumes of material. As a result, the sequence of presentations does not correspond to the original Content Listing.

F category (Female performers) *
Collection 1A (2 hours) $40
Collection 1B (2 hours) $40
Collection 1C (2 hours) $40
Collection 2A (2 hours) $40
Collection 2B (2 hours) $40
Collection 2C (2 hours) $40
Total 12 hours = $240

Specialty videos (extracted from F category material)
Collection SF - Selected Frontbending (1 hour) $40
Collection SB - Selected Backbending (4 hours) $80
Collection SY - Selected Young performers (4 hours) $80
15 min of arm/leg contortion added to Volume SF free by request.
15 min of arm/leg contortion included as part of SB tape

R category (Rhythmic Sports Gymnastics)
Collection 1A (2 hours) $40
Collection 1B (2 hours) $40
Collection 1C (2 hours) $40
Collection 2A (2 hours) $40
Collection 2B (2 hours) $40
Total 10 hours = $200

M category (Male performers)
Collection MP - Male Performers (3 hours) $60

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