April Tatro

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April Tatro is quite possibly the most popular American contortionist of all time. She has performed in hundreds of trade shows, using her speaking ability as well as her body movements to help sell a product. Talented and creative from head-to-toe, she even wrote the scripts for the shows she performed in, and coreographed them as well.

Few contortionists can make a living without having a second job, or joining a circus, but April has beaten the odds for over 15 years. She has now retired from the long journey of her trade show career, and is focusing on her work in television and film. She has appeared in Matlock, Fernwood Tonight, Laugh In, and Big Top Pee Wee, just to name a few. Click HERE if you are interested in seeing April's complete resume, or if you want to contact her agent.

April has said that her flexibility is natural and that she does not have to warm up or practice much before a show. She does have to train to maintain and improve her flexibility, but she confesses that she was born with a natural gift. And, there is no doubt about which side of the family that gift came from, either. Her mother, at 86 years of age, can still do all of the stretches shown in the pictures below! In fact, the bendy mother-daughter duo performed together on the "Family Challenge" TV show (on the Family Channel). More recently April's mother appeared on the Oprah show, and April did a series of episodes for the daytime drama "Days of Our Lives".

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